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How to find us

The Sangro Aventino area is situated in Abruzzo, in the heart of Italy. This central location makes it easily accessible by any means. Below you will find useful tips to get here in a simple, fast and cheap way.

By airplane

The nearest International airport is the one of Pescara, which is about 35 km far away from the Sangro Aventino area. From Pescara’s Airport you can reach the Sangro Aventino through public transportation, in a simple and convenient way. It is either possible to take a shuttle bus from the Airport to Pescara city centre, where there is the train station, or to take a bus and reach some cities of Sangro Aventino, as Ortona and Lanciano. Here you will find all the information you need for the bus connection from the airport. Here you will find all the information you need to rent a car at the airport.

By train

the nearest station for long-distance trains, such as Intercity and Express trains, is Pescara's station (35 km). In the Sangro Aventino area there are the following train stations: Ortona, San Vito – Lanciano, Fossacesia – Torino di Sangro. For more information visit Trenitalia's website.

By car

The Sangro Aventino is crossed by S.S. 652 Fondovalle"Sangro". The exits on the highway A14 (Bologna – Taranto) are those of Ortona, Lanciano and Val di Sangro.

Getting around

Once in place, it is very easy to orient themselves and move within the Sangro Aventino territory. If you're driving, the coast is connected to the hinterland through the S.S. 652 Fondovalle"Sangro" with accurate road signs to reach the most important tourist destinations. If you are travelling by bus, you can visit the websites below to find the best connection for you:

 Sangritana  DiFonzo  Civitareseviaggi  Arpaonline  Passucciviaggi


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