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The Sangro Aventino area is situated in Abruzzo, in the heart of Italy. This central location makes it easily accessible by any means. Below you will find useful tips to get here in a simple, fast and cheap way.

By airplane

The nearest International airport is the one of Pescara, which is about 35 km far away from the Sangro Aventino area. From Pescara’s Airport you can reach the Sangro Aventino through public transportation, in a simple and convenient way. It is either possible to take a shuttle bus from the Airport to Pescara city centre, where there is the train station, or to take a bus and reach some cities of Sangro Aventino, as Ortona and Lanciano. Here you will find all the information you need for the bus connection from the airport. Here you will find all the information you need to rent a car at the airport.

By train

the nearest station for long-distance trains, such as Intercity and Express trains, is Pescara's station (35 km). In the Sangro Aventino area there are the following train stations: Ortona, San Vito – Lanciano, Fossacesia – Torino di Sangro. For more information visit Trenitalia's website.

By car

The Sangro Aventino is crossed by S.S. 652 Fondovalle"Sangro". The exits on the highway A14 (Bologna – Taranto) are those of Ortona, Lanciano and Val di Sangro.

Getting around

Once in place, it is very easy to orient themselves and move within the Sangro Aventino territory. If you're driving, the coast is connected to the hinterland through the S.S. 652 Fondovalle"Sangro" with accurate road signs to reach the most important tourist destinations. If you are travelling by bus, you can visit the websites below to find the best connection for you:

 Sangritana  DiFonzo  Civitareseviaggi  Arpaonline  Passucciviaggi


About us

The DMC (Destination Management Company) "Terre del Sangro Aventino”, is a subject of private nature, which designs, builds and manages activities to organize tourism in the area of Sangro Aventino. The territory on which the DMC operates, is equal to 48 Municipalities. It is a varied and rich territory in environments, including a stretch of  the Trabocchi Coast, from Ortona to Torino di Sangro with a variety of marine environments ranging from sandy to rocky beaches, full of coves and inlets. The rest of the territory is pushed inward, crossed by the valleys of the Sangro river and its main tributary Aventino. The slope of Aventino is affected by the East from Majella National Park. The DMC is currently composed of 134 public and private operators based in 31 of 48 municipalities in the entire area, to which can be added those who will join during the activities. The operators involved belong the following categories: Travel Agency, Real Estate Agency, Association/Consortium, traders, local products Operators, catering Operators, Accommodation facilities, Tourist services, guides-accompaniment services, other services.


For sea lovers, the Sangro Aventino area offers an experience that brings the traveller in contact with one of the most characteristic features of the Abruzzo coast, called "Costa dei Trabocchi" (Trabocchi Coast), due to the presence of ancient fishing machines present along this stretch of coast. Rocky and sandy coves and bays, small bays and inlets mostly characterize the coast. The sandy beaches, which are present in all municipalities of the coast, are designed to accommodate the most demanding bathers in modern bathing establishments. There are numerous activities offered to tourists who take a holiday in the sea of Abruzzo, including the ability to dine on the Trabocco, embark on a fishing tour or practice water sports

Educational Holiday

The Sangro Aventino is an ideal destination for nature lovers, since its area is rich in Regional Natural Reserves of Abruzzo that hold particularly suggestive corners and a great wealth of plant species, especially trees. A green oasis, a place to discover and explore through nature and hiking trails. It is a breathtaking scenery that offers you so many activities, ideal for bringing young people to nature and to the protection of environmental heritage. During the year, especially during spring and summer months, it is possible to take part in educational activities and outreach on environmental issues, through guided tours in nature and thematic workshops to enjoy a rich and varied territory. From the coast to the mountains, passing through the valley characterized by the presence of oasis, rivers and lakes, it is possible to visit up to 7 Reserves: on the coast of Trabocchi, the Regional Natural Reserve of Punta dell'AcquabellaRipari di GiobbeGrotte delle Farfalle and Lecceta of Torino di Sangro. While within the valley there is the Regional Natural Reserve Oasi of Serranella, the Abetina of Rosello, where it is possible to see one of the last forests of Abete bianco (Silver fir) of the Apennines, and the Rio Verde Falls. Most of the territory of Maiella Orientale belongs to Majella National Park, with several fauna areas such as the Marsican Brown Bear of Palena and the Apennine Chamois in Lama dei Peligni, where there is also a Regional Botanic Garden, whose symbol is the Maiella Cornflower.

Active Holiday

The Sangro Aventino is an ideal destination for nature sports lovers because its richness in beautiful places, real open-air gyms, in contact with a spectacular and exciting nature. There are numerous trails to experience emotions and sensations, by foot or by mountain bike, to venture through gorges, creeks, hermitages, woods, ancient villages and castles. Inside the woods the sun filters through the treetops and wild animals patrol unmolested solitary forests in which they are born, they reappear and disappear, and make each walk memorable. The Sangro Aventino is the ideal place for trekking, rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, horseback riding and much more.

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