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Lago di Bomba

Locality: Bomba
TAG: Nature

At the foot of the hill on which stands the town lies the picturesque Lago di Bomba, enclosed as in a green chest by the moutain ranges that surround. It is an artificial lake, created in 1962 by the damming of the river Sangro, which descendes from the mountains of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and molise. Barrage, a dam made of clay, was the first of its kind to be made in Europe. It has the function to produce electricity of hydraulic nature which is ducted to Rome.
The lake has an extension of about seven kilometers in length, while it is wide about one kilometer and a half. The maximun capicity of the basin is less than seventy milion cubic meters of water; which is located near Villa Santa Maria, to the maximum of 57 meters and a half.
If the prevailing function of the lake is the one to produce electric energy, not less important is the tourism-sports one. Indeed competitions are held fishing, boating, windsurf activities, there are organized excursions by boat and pedal boat, especially during the summer season, when its banks, well equipped with tourist facilities, is full of tourists looking for recreation and rest in direct contact with nature.
The waters of the lake are rich in fish, the chub carb, perch from the tench, the catfish, eel and trout. The best season for fishing goes to april to late october, periodic repopulation allows fans to always have a good amount of prey.

Lago di Bomba Lago di Bomba Lago di Bomba Lago di Bomba Lago di Bomba Lago di Bomba

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