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Terre del Sangro Aventino” lies in the heart of Abruzzo, a region that in a handful of kilometres allows us to live a unique experience: while leaving the wild Adriatic and that strip of land that leans toward the sea through a thin flexible axes walkway called Trabocco, you are immersed in a territory, which leads to the Maiella, characterized by the colours and fragrances of a florid and colourful landscape, dominated by vibrant shades of lush secular olive groves and by small and typical villages of Abruzzo. But the rural scenery gives soon way to the medieval atmosphere of Lanciano, ancient commercial crossroads since Roman origins, known throughout the world as the city of the Eucharistic Miracle; a sacredness and mysticism that emerge along the paths that lead to the Maiella, those same trails traveled in the past by hermits, shepherds and brigands, to explore by trekking, ideal for summer holiday mountains lovers. The mountain is characterized by a primitive and uncontaminated nature, inhabited by wild animals like bears and wolves and by small villages which oversee the slopes of the Sangro and Aventino valleys, reserving to those who first visit breathtaking views and surprising food and wine discoveries.

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